We found Galong – our oldest Mercy child, born with a kind of Downs’ Syndrome – on a street near the Pratunam market and invited him to live with us and join our Mercy family. That was thirty years ago; and he’s been living here as a big brother to our younger boys ever since.

He had no name when we found him, so we named him “Galong,” a type of bird without a nest. Since Galong didn’t have any documents or a known date of birth, we proclaimed Valentines Day as his birthday, appropriately, a day dedicated to love and joy.

This Valentine’s Day, we decided, would be Galong’s 50th birthday and held a huge celebration. (He could be a few years older or younger, we’re not exactly sure.) There was a beautiful cake with frosting on top done up in a portrait of Galong. Plus cupcakes, donuts, and Thai sweets.   Our kindergarten kids joined in dance and song.  Everybody sang a mighty chorus of Happy Birthday

Happy Galong’s Day, everyone!