Tuesday and Wednesday 427 children graduated Mercy’s kindergartens. 427 children that now can sing songs in English; they can brush their teeth and cut with scissors. They are excellent on walking on a straight line, and they can recite the Thai alphabet, which is 44 symbols long!!


This is the happiest day of their lives. And for us too. We, standing on the side of the stage – out of the lime light – but we also, proud as proud can be. And their parents. Especially the single mums and grannies, and granddads, who have struggled against all odds, fought off the poverty and loneliness: the betrayal, the false promises, and raised their children and grandchildren “on their own”. What unbelievable success stories!! Four hundred and twenty seven Kindergarten three graduates. Dressed formally in caps and gowns.


For 3 years they have woken up in the morning, showered, put on their school uniform (or something comfortable if they can’t afford one, as we are not so picky on that). Then they skip along, some always run in excitement to be at school by 8AM, all set for singing the national anthem, raising the Thai flag and do some morning exercise.


The new graduates from these shack slum kindergartens. Now alumni. The Pride of 23 slums. These marvellous, “never give up kids” – did it all themselves.


These fabulous slum kids who have “huffed and puffed and walked and crawled and scrapped” through three years of school, marched in solemn procession. Many cry the first couple of weeks at school – no wonder, never been away from mummy or grandma or auntie a whole day – that’s 7 hours with 20 other children, can be kinda scary. But many end their school days crying when they are leaving. Their teachers have taught them invaluable lessons in how to protect themselves, how to become an individual and how to be responsible. And they have formed friendships with kids “just like themselves”

– the Mercy preschools are filled with children from broken homes, that try their best, don’t always succeed but keep reciting ‘go to school, go to school, go to school’. 3 years with other kids that sometimes have to get to school alone because mummy ran away, grandma doesn’t have a watch or uncle is drunk. But that’s ok, we don’t judge. Our job is to provide care and nurturing in a safe and warm environment.


Some would call it a home away from home, and that’s nice – we try to fill in the gaps where the broken home comes short – a true partnership.


427 kindergarten graduates in robes and caps hearing their names called out, walking one by one to the dais to receive their Diploma. A valuable and most necessary document in modern Bangkok for entering first grade.


A document to show that 427 kids are prepared with the right tools and skills to tackle their next big adventure in life – Grade 1 – that’s the big kids’ school – with bigger classrooms, teachers that don’t know where they come from, don’t know the struggles they might face at home. But the Mercy teachers are always there and the kids know that. If they are being bullied by the big kids or they don’t understand a school assignment they know they can visit their kindergarten. We never forget you and every day we pray for your success in life, both the small ones like remembering that its important to wear socks to school and the big ones like passing an exam.


Because once you have graduated a Mercy school you are always a part of the Mercy family.


And the chant rings down the halls of time – for 45 years now: Go to School. Go to School. Go to School.


Congratulations to each and every one of you!


Fr. Joe

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