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Dear Friends,

As we look back on 2011, we see how fortunate we are to have wonderful friends and family. We have 200 children who live as our family in Mercy Centre – a family rich in love and joy that grows stronger every day.

On behalf of all our children, house moms, house dads, social workers, students, teachers, and everyone here at Mercy Centre, we wish to thank you for your friendship and support in 2011.Thank you for being a part of our Mercy family and for every way you have supported us this past year. Every kind word, every warm gesture…. everything you do on our behalf is a life-changing gift for the poorest children.

As our New Year's gift to you, we wish to show you what a beautiful difference your support makes here at Mercy Centre. Please watch this video created by Benjamin Engel, a recent volunteer at Mercy, about the everyday lives of our children. Thank you Ben. Thank you everyone!

Wishing you the most joyous New Year with family and friends,

Usanee and the the Mercy Team