Sea Gypsy Angel

Dear Everyone,

Our Scriptures say that Jesus fasted for 40 days & 40 nights. Then Angels came to minister to him. And I love that  ancient story dating from the 3rd Century that the Angels went to visit  Mary his Mother, asking her to cook Jesus' favorite food, so Mary cooked the food and the angels brought it to Jesus.  His first meal after fasting.

And also I believe that the picture above is most probably one of the Angel Children bringing/sharing her food with Jesus. Why not!  Our God is beyond space and time.  And this Mogan Sea Gypsy girl, named Miss Gah Yeek, living in destitute poverty on an island 40 minutes by fast boat in the Andaman Sea off Thai shore - a tiny island where we teach school and save lives. She is bringing her lunch home and meets Jesus on the way. And I’m sure He Blessed her and  ate a little bit to show politeness, (so she wouldn’t be offended)  then asked her to take the rest home to her little brother & sister.

Of course, she’s a very real little girl. Her dad’s at sea, left their Island a couple days ago for a 3 weeks as an illegal ‘hire on’ Sea Gypsy on an illegal fishing boat, pointed past Myanmar  towards India. When he left, he hugged her; gave her all the money he had which was about $.50 cents USD. Told her sternly to look after her little brother & sister. That he’d catch a big  fish – her favorite kind - they could cook and have a big meal. Said he’d be back as soon as he could.

So we honor her dignity and position. As you would do for any angel! Noon time at our shack kindergarten… just dish out a huge  triple-portion on her plate. The ritual is this: she eats her fill, tells teacher "my tummy is full." Then  teacher gently scolds her for taking more on her plate than she can eat, but teacher says, "Miss Gah Yeek you must take the extra food home. Don’t waste food !!!!"  And looking at her picture, as she walks home in the village -  I’m so  sure she has just met  Jesus along the way and offered Him some.

Surely times change. Truths do not. So this year, let this be our Easter Story. We teach – save lives of Mogan Sea Gypsy children down in middle South Thailand. A few days ago a friend took this portrait of Miss Gah Yeek." A portrait of hope, love, suffering,  hunger. Resurrection. Always hope – always a new tomorrow.

We at Mercy.  Me, fr joe, and our team… dream dreams and know that tomorrow is going to be beautiful. Our Jesus has Died in terrible suffering, but has Risen … overcome all the bad stuff. And this little girl…  well   what do I say …  perhaps… almost certainly that she has  seen the very face of God and lived. And may you all do the same.

Pray for us – rejoice for us – party for us – help us …Even to know – to have met – to speak to this Mogan Sea Gypsy girl is an honor and a privilege. To be able to give her a meal – send her to school – teach her to read and write. That’s glory beyond belief.  Glory none of us deserve here on this earth.

To you all, our Mercy Family - a Glorious Easter in which we all can share.

Fr Joe & all of us.