Pai Sing To FirePai Sing To Fire - details

Dear Everyone,

This past Saturday a fire broke out in Pai Sing To, a small slum community located across the street from the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre. Thankfully, nobody was injured, but in its wake, 22 houses were destroyed, leaving 31 families, including 71 individuals, without a place to live. Most adult victims work as day laborers, food vendors, maids, and security guards, earning close to the legal minimum daily wage.

As the fire was being put out, our social workers arrived and began providing emergency relief. And when the final embers were doused, we also began working with those left homeless and their community leaders to start rebuilding.

We have already provided each homeless family with the costs for clothes, tools, food and all necessities, plus new school uniforms, school books, back-packs, and stationery for their children.

The families who lost their homes are currently residing in the Pai Sing To community center, which for many years past had been one of our Mercy kindergartens.

In these situations, urgent action is always required. If the residents are stalled in rebuilding their homes, outside forces will likely step in to have them permanently removed. In the case of Pai Sing To, a small and powerless community, there are powerful outside forces who wish to demolish the entire community and build something in its place for other people.

In the past 41 years, our foundation has built over ten thousand homes following devastating slum fires. We are well versed in every possible contingency. One thing we know for certain: the faster the residents remove debris and begin to rebuild, the less likely they will be challenged to leave.

Please help as the needs are urgent. The community needs to move quickly if it is to survive as a community. You may contact me for details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Kindest regards,

Fr. Joe Maier, C.Ss.R.

Pai Sing To Fire - detail