Saturday, 04 September 2010 14:36

Royal Visit Gives Formal Recongition of HDF Status As Being Under Royal Patronage.

HRH with Nong Peh, a blind Mercy child

Bangkok, Sept. 2, 2010, HRH Princess Srirasmi, the Royal Patroness of the Human Development Foundation, visited our  Mercy Centre in the port area of the  Klong Toey  community in recognition of the newly awarded status of the foundation.  During the visit HRH unveiled a plaque signifying the foundation's new status.

HDF currently cares for 180 abandoned, abused and orphaned children who go to school and live as family in the foundation’s Mercy Centre. Fifty-seven of these children were born with HIV. The Foundation also runs 24 kindergartens, teaching and feeding almost 4,000 children day. Included in this are the Sea Gypsy Mogan Children in Koh Lao Island off the wharf of Ranong in mid-South Thailand. Plus a legal aid project representing 100 children a month in police stations and children’s court.

All our Mercy children prepared for the Royal Visit as only children can do such things – with a sense of magic, unbridled anticipation, and love – to greet HRH the Princess when she arrived and to perform traditional Thai songs and dance in the Princess' honor.

HRH with Mercy kindergarten children

HRH with our Mercy kindergarten children. Top photo: HRH with Nong Peh, a blind Mercy child.

The Mercy children first met HRH Princess Srirasmi at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in 2007. These children, who had never met a Princess before and had no knowledge of official protocol, spontaneously invited HRH the Princess to visit their home in Mercy Centre.

HRH Princess Srirasmi graciously accepted the children's invitation.

When she did visit Mercy Centre the children were overjoyed. Moved by the children’s joy and love of life, HRH promised to return. During her next visit, as a gift to the Princess, the children promised to study hard and to be good boys and girls.

Seeing the children’s joy and happiness, HRH the Princess agreed that she would become the Royal Patron of the children and the foundation. She has been their Royal patron ever since, leading to the official ceremony on 2 Sept. 2010.

On the occasion of receiving Official Royal Patronage, the Human Development Foundation’s Executive Director, Usanee Janngeon, said, “All of us are honored and happy, more than words can tell, to see how much Her Royal Highness loves our children and all the children of Thailand."

HRH with Mercy kids in art centre

HRH visiting Mercy children in their art room.

HRH visits Mercy kids in their computer centre

In the Mercy Centre computer centre.