HE US Ambassador and Mercy Children

This Saturday, April 30, the US Ambassador to Thailand H.E. Kristie Anne Kenney and friends from the US Embassy visited our Mercy Centre to join hands with our children. As our children guided their guests on a tour of Mercy Centre, H.E. Ambassador Kenney took special time in the Mercy Graphic Arts Room to help paint batiks with our children and made a special stop in their Computer Centre, observing how our children are gaining skills through learning software. Following the tour, Ambassador Kenney, our guests and friends from the US Embassy, all our children, plus their house moms and house dads joined together to make art, draw pictures, and dedicate the day, like every day at Mercy Centre,  to the strength and  joy in every child’s heart. (Photo above, Ambassador Kenney, guests and our Mercy children; photo below, with our triplets, Fon, Fah, and Fai. More photos here.)

Fon, Fah, and Fai with H.E. Ambassador Kenney