Thursday, 16 June 2011 04:59

Formal Launch at The Johnstons Music Festival
Drogheda, Ireland
June 24-26
Concert Details:

Some of our best friends in the world have recently started “The Irish Foundation for Mercy Centre,” a charity based in Dublin that will help raise awareness and increase support for our Mercy Centre in Bangkok.

The Irish chapter is the initiative of musician and Folklorist, Professor Mick Moloney of New York University. Mick Moloney, along with Paul Brady, Michael and Lucy Johnston are the surviving members of Irish Folk Group “The Johnstons,” one of Ireland’s most famous musical families. The other founding member Adrienne Johnston died in 1981.  The remaining members will perform a  reunion concert in Drogheda on Saturday June 25 at the first annual Johnstons Music Festival.

The June 25 performance will also serve as a celebration of the formal launch of “The Irish Foundation for the Mercy Centre.”  Fr. Joe, our Executive Director Ms. Usanee, and Mercy colleagues will be attending the concerts and wish to invite all our friends throughout Ireland to join in the celebration for the best of music, mirth, and craic.

For more information on “The Irish Foundation for Mercy Centre,” please contact the foundation director Mr. Gerry Morrissey: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .