Monday, 12 September 2011 06:54

Mercy Child Artwork
Do you remember, as a child, making artwork with pens, pencils, and crayons? Most of us, in our early childhood, would come home from school with drawings that we were proud to show our moms, Our moms, in turn, were at least equally proud to keep and display our art - usually in kitchens and especially on refrigerator doors.

But our Mercy children don’t have real moms and dads to come home to. And with 200 children in our care, we don’t have enough refrigerator doors to show off all their artwork.

We are justly proud of what our children create. Their art is beautiful, joyful, reaffirming, and full of love. Please think of our art gallery as the wall of a huge family kitchen with an enormous refrigerator door! You can view our children's new art gallery here. Gallery of children art classes here.
 Mercy Child's Art