Wednesday, 19 December 2012 10:42

HRH Princess Srirasmi Visits Our Mercy Children

Yesterday was a glorious day at our Mercy Centre. On the occasion of her birthday, HRH Princess Srirasmi visited our Mercy Centre to celebrate with our Mercy children, our kindergarten students, and all our house moms, house dads, teachers, and social workers. Our children renewed their vows to the Princess, promising to study hard and to be kind and generous. After receiving a luncheon feast from the Princess, our children also performed a classical Thai dance to the accompaniment of our Mercy kid orchestra.  A spirit of joy filled the air.

Following her visit, HRH Princess Srirasmi gave honor to our poor neighbors in the 70 Rai neighborhood who had come to send their birthday wishes. The Princess spoke personally with our neighbors, asking about their circumstances, their families, and livelihoods; and wished everyone, young and old, great happiness.

Photos: Above, HRH Princess Srirasmi provides a birthday feast for our Mercy children and kindergarten students. Below, the Princess greets our poorest neighbors in the slums.

HRH Princess Srirasmi at Mercy Centre