Charity Concert

Please join us as family on September 21, 3:30pm, at St Joseph Convent School’s Trinity Hall, where the world-acclaimed pianist Marina Baranova will perform music to move, soothe, and uplift the spirit, all in the name of Mercy.

All proceeds will be given to our Mercy Centre in our efforts to protect, educate, and nurture Bangkok’s poorest and most vulnerable children. We have never turned away a child in need, and with kind friends and family, we never will.

You can purchase tickets on line at or call 02 262-3456.

We owe everything in our world of Mercy to our family and friends. You make our Mercy Centre more beautiful, more welcoming, and more joyful.

Naturally we want to share our most important experiences and events with you, and we hope to see you at the concert.

Thank you so much for all the ways that you support our efforts. Every kind word, every warm gesture…everything you do on our behalf is a life-changing gift for Thailand’s poorest children.