Monday, 15 February 2016 04:17

We found Galong – our oldest Mercy child, born with a kind of Downs’ Syndrome – on a street near the Pratunam market and invited him to live with us and join our Mercy family. That was thirty years ago; and he’s been living here as a big brother to our younger boys ever since.

He had no name when we found him, so we named him “Galong,” a type of bird without a nest. Since Galong didn’t have any documents or a known date of birth, we proclaimed Valentines Day as his birthday, appropriately, a day dedicated to love and joy.

This Valentine’s Day, we decided, would be Galong’s 50th birthday and held a huge celebration. (He could be a few years older or younger, we’re not exactly sure.) There was a beautiful cake with frosting on top done up in a portrait of Galong. Plus cupcakes, donuts, and Thai sweets.   Our kindergarten kids joined in dance and song.  Everybody sang a mighty chorus of Happy Birthday

Happy Galong’s Day, everyone!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 03:58

We wish to thank all our friends at Mercy Menorca ( for organizing a concert of classical music on our behalf.  The concert brought in much needed funding for our Mercy programs! Thank you!

Thursday, 24 December 2015 02:55

Thursday, 12 November 2015 04:01

Please join us for a Gala Dinner
to celebrate the 88th birthday of
His Majesty The King of Thailand

Monday - December 7, 2015

Grand Hyatt Hotel
123 Collins Street

3 Course Dinner with beer, wines and soft drinks

Khun Ging Muenpair
Khun Dew The Star 5
Melbourne Jazz Ensemble with guest vocalists

Auctions - prizes include:
Two return tickets to Thailand with Thai Airways
Two return tickets to Thailand with Singapore Airlines
Two return tickets to Thailand with Jet Star

Tickets - $110 per person
available from:
Dr. Simon            0402 288 229
Khun Boston       0413 367 909
Khun Dum           0425 848 302
Khun Amy           0416  845 070

All profits to be donated to TIWA and the Human Development Foundation-Mercy Centre in Klong Toey, Bangkok

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 06:57

This week we welcomed our boys back from Warsaw, Poland where they competed in a very special football world cup.

The world cup competition was open exclusively to boys, like ours, who live in group homes. Teams from 29 countries were represented. Our boys, who have rarely ventured out of Klong Toey, competed against teams from Poland, Russia, Macedonia, Tunisia, Hungary and Belarus. How cool was that!!!

Getting kids who live in a shelter on a plane to Poland is not easy. Not one of our boys had ever been abroad or carried a passport. While some Mercy boys are orphans and legally under our guardianship, others have parents or legal guardians living far from Mercy Centre. A few boys were missing their birth certificates and identity cards. Fortunately we were able to retrieve essential documents, get all the necessary signatures, and even funding costs, which were provided by by the the tournament organizers and friends of Mercy.

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Friday, 19 June 2015 07:19

“We want to thank our teachers for teaching us, loving us, being here for us, and caring about us even when we are being difficult. Thank you, my teachers for your unconditional love and trust,” said one teary-eyed student from our Janusz Korczak School for street children.

Every year in Thailand on the first Thursday in June, our students celebrate “Wan Wai Kru” or Teachers Appreciation Day. Today every Mercy School - comprising 23 kindergartens, five construction campsite schools and our Janusz Korczak School – held a “Wai Kru” ceremony where students presented flowers to their teachers in a show of gratitude. The teachers, in return, gave blessings to our students and wished them great academic accomplishments in the years ahead.

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