Wednesday, 18 December 2013 06:54

Israel-Mercy Friendship

A super special day and honor! Yesterday the Israeli community celebrated its 60th anniversary of friendship with Thailand at our Mercy Centre. And what better way to celebrate together than by teaching our youth how to create culinary delights?

In a morning session, acclaimed Israeli Chef Mika Sharon taught our Korczak School students the art of preparing heavenly chocolate treats.  

In the afternoon session, Chef Mika was joined by Thailand’s own Chef McDang to teach our Korczak kids and local Israeli children how to make Egg Rolls.

That evening, all Mercy children dined on mouth-watering Egg Rolls and ambrosial Chocolate Balls.

Side bar: Between culinary classes, Fr. Joe led H.E. Ambassador Simon Roded and members of Israeli consulate on a tour of the food vendors who ply their trade along the 70 Rai Streets around Mercy Centre. Among these vendors was Miss Moey, a chef in her own right, who has been serving her customers Thai treats for over 40 years (and put two of her children through university in the process). She says she would like to retire but her customers insist that they can’t live without her cuisine.

Israel and Mercy Friendship

Friday, 13 December 2013 08:18

Princess Srirasmi 2013

Our foundation’s Royal Patron, HRH Princess Srirasmi, visited Mercy Centre today to celebrate her birthday together with our Mercy children.

A few of many memorable moments:

Our children renewed their vows to the Princess to be good and study hard.

Our Mercy Children’s Orchestra, which had been practicing every day for weeks, played a beautiful classical Thai song to near perfection.

HRH Princess Srirasmi made special time to sit with our own Nong Peh, a blind and disabled Mercy child.  Nong Peh doesn’t know much about princesses, but she loved the affection she received; and returned it in kind by singing her favorite nursery school song, “The Lady in the Moon.”

During lunchtime, Princess Srirasmi visited our Mercy kindergarten. In each classroom she exhorted the school children to eat their vegetables!

Hundreds of neighborhood children joined in the festivities, which included five huge tubs of homemade coconut ice cream.

Following her visit to Mercy Centre – as she did on previous visits – HRH Princess Srirasmi gave honor to our poor neighbors in the 70 Rai neighborhood who had come to send their birthday wishes. The Princess spoke personally with our neighbors, asking about their circumstances, their families, and livelihoods; and wished everyone, young and old, great happiness.

(Photos below: i) HRH Princess Srirasmi with Nong Peh; and ii) in a Mercy kindergarten, encouraging the school children to eat healthy.)


Wednesday, 04 December 2013 08:01


On the occasion of HM the King’s 86th birthday, we wish all our friends in Thailand and around the world a very Happy Father’s Day.

Today our children, kindergarten students, teachers, social workers, and many neighborhood moms and dads gathered at Mercy Centre to pay their respects. Blessings were given by the local Abbot, and Fr. Joe. Since children are an essential part of every Father’s Day, our kindergarten students performed a traditional dance in honor of our King. Happy Father's Day, everybody!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 05:49


What do our Mercy kids do for Halloween?  No surprises here: they dress up as goblins, frighten the bejesus out of each other, dunk for apples, jump madly on trampolines, and gobble down plenty of candy. Friends of Mercy held their annual Halloween Party for our children this past Saturday. Our little ones were not allowed inside the haunted house (way too scary!) but our older Mercy boys and girls along with 100s of neighborhood children put on a brave face, entered wide-eyed and left screaming. A super fun day at Mercy!

Monday, 12 August 2013 05:51

Mother's Day 2013

We celebrated Mother’s Day in glorious ways this week, starting on Friday morning when monks from Wat Saphan, our local slum temple, led us in prayer in Mercy Centre.  Later that morning, all 2,700 students throughout our 23 Mercy Kindergartens took crayons to hand to draw beautiful Mother’s Day cards, filled with hearts, sparkles, and words of love for their own moms. And our own Mercy kids made extra cards for all their house moms. It was a lovely day! Moms are what make our slums loving, caring, beautiful, and strong.

Mother's Day 2013 - 2Mother's Day2013

Friday, 09 August 2013 06:16

Coaching our Mercy boys

What a fantastic afternoon! The day before a friendly match between the Thai National Team and FC Barcelona, their representatives and coaches visited Mercy Centre for a very high-spirited practice with our Mercy boys. They taught our boys a few lessons and coached them through a practice match. In addition to teaching and practicing with our children, the FC Barcelona and Thai National team, through their foundations, also gave our boys gifts of football equipment plus (a super treat!) complimentary tickets to their friendly match. Plus Plus, lunch for our kindergarten children, clowns and balloons included! Please visit our photo gallery here.

Kindergarten lunch