Dear everyone,
What about Mercy Centre & Floods in Thailand?
We are having a concert to help kids go back to school after the floods, and ask you to buy a ticket to help send a child back to school!!!!  Really. Even if you can't come in person to the concert. . Also if you buy an extra ticket, we can send a slum child or a street child to listen to their favorite Teen Thai Rock Star. An experience of a life time.
All the money goes to help flood kids go back to school, once the waters are down in a few weeks. Some Thai popular teen-age singers are donating their time and talents. The venue is free, the advertising is free. The rent of the sound equipment is free. The organizing is free.
True, we have to pay for the electricity and security, but that is a total of three thousand USD... and the normal rental cost price would be about fifteen thousand dollars.
The tickets are 500 Thai Baht which is 17 Dollars USD. This is one third  the normal price for teen concerts in Bangkok and the venue seats two thousand. It will be a noon show, and IF enough tickets are sold, they will do a second show... all free. Double Wow.

So many of you - our Mercy Centre family through the planet !!! - have asked, How can I help?  Actually the peoples of Thailand are rallying to help - rice - noodles - drinking water. And we at Mercy Centre, as always, want to make a difference.
Our style is wait till the big flurry is over. When the flood is no longer on the evening news, there will be a lot of children out of school needing books, uniforms, lunch money, shoes, etc. Yes, government will help, but there will be so many children left out...just like in the Tsunami a few years back.  We helped those left-out children,  and thus with your help, we shall help left-out children again. Please do come to the concert. 

It's 30 Oct. here in Bangkok. If you can come, we can send you all the details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

All for now, as I want to get this out as soon as possible. We can give your your tickets at the door.
Oh yes, bank details:
Account Name : Human Development Foundation
Name of Bank : Standard Chartered Bank (THAI) PCL
Branch: Bangkok Main Office
Bank Address: 100 North Sathorn Road, Bangrak,Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Saving Account Number: 001 - 0 - 067046 - 6

Thank you as always     prayers    fr joe & All the Mercy Children