HRH Princess Srirasmi w/ Nong Peh and Fon
December 13, 2011 - For the third consecutive year, HRH Princess Srirasmi visited our Mercy Centre to celebrate her birthday with our Mercy children. From the moment she arrived, her joy for our children filled our Mercy Centre and the world around us.

Our children renewed their vows to the Princess, promising to work hard in their school studies, to be honest and polite with everyone they meet, and to respect and protect their family and loved ones. Following their vows, our children performed in song and dance to the Mercy Thai Classical Orchestra, comprised entirely of our Mercy kids,

HRH Princess Srirasmi had special moments with our blind girls, Nong Peh and Nong Fon, showing us that our most disabled Mercy children are also the most loved.

Photos: Above: Her Royal Highness with our disabled blind children, Nong Peh and Nong Fon. Below: Our children recite their promises to HRH Princess Srirasmi.
Our children make promises