Train Station Street Kids

Last week our social workers took 45 street children to a place they could barely imagine, far away from their everyday cares.

In concert with the Railway Police and a gift from the Lego, the Denmark-based toy company, we transported 55 street kids to Dreamworld, a Bangkok theme park full of rollercoasters, exotic landscapes (Snowtown!), street performances, shows, and food and snacks galore.

Instead of slogging through the day by the railway station, begging for spare change,  trying to survive while steering clear of danger, the children received a full day’s worth of Dreamworld coupons, which they exchanged for food, drinks, theme park rides, and shows – whatever they wanted. Nobody told them that they had to do this or that – they made their own decisions. The children had total license to enjoy a world full of dreams!

We want these children to know that we are on their side, that we will protect, defend, and counsel them whenever they are in need, that we will accept them for who they are, and that if they ever want to get off the streets and go to school, they are always welcome to live with us as a part of our family in Mercy Centre.

Photos: above, at the Hua Lamphong Station, below, Dreamworld!

Street kids at Dreamworld