Princess Srirasmi 2013

Our foundation’s Royal Patron, HRH Princess Srirasmi, visited Mercy Centre today to celebrate her birthday together with our Mercy children.

A few of many memorable moments:

Our children renewed their vows to the Princess to be good and study hard.

Our Mercy Children’s Orchestra, which had been practicing every day for weeks, played a beautiful classical Thai song to near perfection.

HRH Princess Srirasmi made special time to sit with our own Nong Peh, a blind and disabled Mercy child.  Nong Peh doesn’t know much about princesses, but she loved the affection she received; and returned it in kind by singing her favorite nursery school song, “The Lady in the Moon.”

During lunchtime, Princess Srirasmi visited our Mercy kindergarten. In each classroom she exhorted the school children to eat their vegetables!

Hundreds of neighborhood children joined in the festivities, which included five huge tubs of homemade coconut ice cream.

Following her visit to Mercy Centre – as she did on previous visits – HRH Princess Srirasmi gave honor to our poor neighbors in the 70 Rai neighborhood who had come to send their birthday wishes. The Princess spoke personally with our neighbors, asking about their circumstances, their families, and livelihoods; and wished everyone, young and old, great happiness.

(Photos below: i) HRH Princess Srirasmi with Nong Peh; and ii) in a Mercy kindergarten, encouraging the school children to eat healthy.)