Dear everyone – each year, for the past 49 years, in one way or another, I have written an Easter story for you – as a blessing and as a ‘Thank you’ for all that you are for our children and for the poor in the slums of Bangkok.  

Our kids, Buddhists, Moslems & Catholics already know the Easter story.  That humble Jesus washed the feet of his Apostles – and the bad guys nailed him to a Cross and God in the Cosmos was not pleased:  there was an eclipse of the sun and rumblings of an earthquake.  Jesus died and Rose from the Dead three days later, and surprised everyone.  No one had ever risen from the dead before, or since then. And he first went to see his mum, Mary.  And for the Thai New Year coming in two weeks the belief is the same. We celebrate with a sprinkling of water on the heads of our elders – our mums and grand mums, fathers and grandfathers: asking for Blessing and forgiveness plus we attend a temple ceremony with the Monks to pray for our dead.


These ceremonies flow gently over the children’s heads and really over the heads of us all. They tell us   there are no ‘broken halleluiahs’. So I think best to send you a couple pictures.  Maybe that’s a good way to say Happy Easter and Happy Thai New Year. These happy faces mask great struggles, disappointments and sadness, but that we should all learn from the children of Klong Toey – learn to enjoy the moment, be grateful and ‘do your best to be the best’ – that’s really all one can ask for….

 Klong Toey is like one big broken family. And our kids are brazen and cheeky enough to know what we, the kids can mend that. So every day we dare you to follow us and be joyful.


Happy Easter,


Father Joe