Dear everyone

The children are so very proud.  They tell all their friends:  “I’ve got a new home”    and my mum says that she didn’t have to borrow a lot of money so she doesn’t have to find a second job to pay off the money because our family didn’t have to borrow very much to pay for the construction.  










And dad, even though he’s never done much carpenter work, helped a lot in the construction and that cut down labor expenses.  And his boss at the factory is an understanding guy, and let dad work with the neighbors on the house construction, for two weeks, and didn’t even cut his wages


The houses are simple steel frames, so much stronger than the old ones, and will be even more beautiful as soon as the flowers grow.    












This was always a gentile slum – a nice low-low economic community, but still always gentle, and now with the new homes, it is more gentle than ever.  You walk through the area, and you feel good, and no fear of danger or violence – just nice people.  True, they grew up next to the pig holding pens, and the butchering -   maybe seeing violence all their lives, has made them nonviolent, after seeing so much brutality. 


I speak for everyone in the community – especially the children, thank you to all of you who have helped so very much in giving our 41 children and 24 grand-mothers granddads, plus mums and dads plus some kitty cats’ new homes.


Again, thank you. 

Fr. Joe and all of the children.