1.    What is the name of the event?
Walk for Education.

2.    Where will it be held?

Lumpini Park, Bangkok.

3.    When is the date and time of the event?

Sunday, October 26th, 2008.  Start 6.00 am, finish 11.00 am.

4.    Who is the organizer?

OutLaurs PR & Event Management on behalf of Human Development Foundation-Mercy Centre.

5.    What is Mercy Centre?

The HDF-Mercy Centre, a nondenominational community-based field organization, was founded in 1972 by Father Joe Maier and Sister Maria Chantavoradom to help strengthen the poorest communities and protect their children. Its Mercy Centre includes four homes and shelters for orphans; an adult AIDS hospice; a home for children and mothers living with HIV/AIDS; the largest of its Mercy preschools; and the administration center of HDF’s many community services.

Today the foundation cares for over 200 children in its homes and shelters, operates 30 preschools, and has long standing programs in place in the areas of education, child-protection, HIV/AIDS, and community services.

6.    Who is Father Joe?
The Director and Co-founder of the Human Development Foundation, Father Joseph Maier, a US-born Catholic Priest, settled in Thailand in the early ‘70s.  He holds advanced degrees in Theological Studies and Urban Planning as well as honorary doctoral degrees in Social Administration from Thammasart University in Thailand and Acadia University in Canada. He has received many honors for his work at the Human Development Foundation. In 2004, Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand presented Father Joe with a lifetime achievement award for his work in the field of protection of mothers and children.

7.    What is the purpose of this event?

To support the  HDF’s Education Programs, which include:
•    30 Slum Preschools in Bangkok (over 4,000 poor children enrolled)
•    Over 1,000 Educational Sponsorships for the Poorest Children through high school and as far as their education can take them.
•    The Janusz Korczak School of SE Asia for street children
•    The Mokan (ethnic Sea Gypsy) Pioneer Education Program

8.    Is this the first “Walk for Education”?
This will be the very first, and we believe it will grow in strength and numbers as an annual event.

9.    Who are the participants?
Mercy Centre’s staff and children… corporate sponsors and their staff… local and international schools and their students… the general public… all are invited to participate.

10.    What activities will be on hand along the route?

Festivities and entertainment will be happening non stop, including performances by HDF children, win-win games, magic shows show in a children’s area with giant board games and jig-saw puzzles, lucky draws, a music-dance corner, food stalls, even a children’s mini-soccer pitch.

11.    Will there be refreshments, and extra facilities along the walk?
Yes, the participants can enjoy “pit stops” along the route with entertainment at most every turn in the road. Security will be on hand to ensure everyone’s safety.

12.    How far is the walk?
The circuit is approximately 2 km. Most participants will walk a single circuit of 2 km. Some groups, however, may be sponsored on the basis of number of kilometers walked. These groups are welcome to walk as many circuits as they wish before the closing time at 11:00am.
13.    Where is the starting point and the finishing point?

The starting point is the Lan Tawanyim at 6.00 am.
The finishing point is Lan Kijakam Banteong.

14.    What kind of souvenirs will participants receive?

Everyone who joins the walk will receive a “goodie-bag” full of gifts from event sponsors, along with a certificate of participation.

15.    How can I participate in this event?

Please contact OutLaurs PR, Khun Tom/Khun Rin/Khun Fang, Tel. 02-636-2610-2.
or at Mercy Centre : Khun Eat/Khun Yod, Tel. 02-671-5313 Ext. 262

16.    How can I or my company become a sponsor?
For more information, please contact OutLaurs PR, Khun Tom/Khun Rin/Khun Fang, Tel. 02-636-2610-2. Or at Mercy Centre : Khun Eat/Khun Yod,K.Ning Tel. 02-671-5313 Ext. 262

17.    How can I make donations to Mercy Centre?
There will be donation boxes available at the event. If you cannot attend but wish to make a donation, there will be sales of tickets for individuals at the Emporium. Tickets will also be available at the registration during the event.

For direct donation, here are details for bank transfer:
1. Standard Chartered Bank
Saving Account
Sathorn Branch
AC Name: Human Development Foundation
AC # 001-002-95-193


2. SCB Bank
Saving Account
AC Name: Human Development Centre
Thonglor Branch
AC# 042-2-42893-1

For donation receipts, please contact Khun Yod/ Khun Ning at Human Development Foundation, Tel. 02-671-5313 ext. 262.

18.    Who can I contact to ask for more information on this event?

OutLaurs PR & Event Management, Khun Tom/Khun Rin/Khun Fang, Tel. 02-636-2610-2.
Human Development Foundation-Mercy Centre, Khun Yod/ Khun Ning, Tel. 02-671-5313 ext. 262.

19.    What should I do if I get lost at the event?
The most convenient meeting point is Lan Tawan Yim and Lan Kijakam Banteong (starting & finishing point).  Also, along the route will be rest stops every 150 m. (approx.) with a staff to assist participants if they need directions or help of any kind.

20.    Where can I have breakfast or lunch?

There will be free snacks and drinks available at the starting and finishing points.

21.    Where can I find the restrooms?
Participants can find mobile restrooms located along the walking route with easily recognizable signage every 150 m. (approx.)

22.    How can schools register for the event?

Schools should appoint a designated school organizer who can fill in the proper form with approx. number of students attending the event and send the form back to Khun Tom/Khun Rin/Khun Fang, Tel. 02-636-2610-2, Fax. 02-636-2613. We recommend distributing a sign-up sheet for students.

At the event, there will be 3 registration areas; school registration area, corporate registration area, and individual registration area. The representative from the each participating school can sign in on behalf of their students.

23.    Are there printed materials of the event the school can hand out to help promote the event?
Yes, there are posters and leaflets that will be distributed to promote the event.  The schools may request the number of posters and leaflets they need to put up and distribute at their schools and the organizer will deliver to them.

24.    Do teachers need to chaperone their students at the event?

It is advised that every school participating in this event send representative(s) to chaperone their students, and to register for the students to prevent confusion.

25.  Are individual students required to make donations?
Students are encouraged to make donation of any amount (no minimum cost).

26. How may schools make donations during or after the event?

Schools will have a designated School Organizer, who will collect registration forms and donations. A school donation may be made to Mercy Centre within 14 days after the event by contacting Khun Yod/ Khun Ning at Human Development Foundation, Tel. 02-671-5313 ext. 262.